Anything You Customize, I'll Pay For Challenge (Giveaway) 

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I literally paid for anything my friends customize and gave it away
New plushies - turkeybyzhc.com/
Hope you enjoyed! Make sure to enter the giveaway! Thanks for watching:)
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Зарежда връзки.....

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ZHC преди месец
Subscribe and I will take you shopping next time :) Stay safe everyone ❤️ First comment: YTB Sweet
kyla laroco
kyla laroco преди месец
Aleksandar Nedeljkovic
Aleksandar Nedeljkovic преди месец
How to enter giveawey
Lira Malaya Nataska De Jesus
Lira Malaya Nataska De Jesus преди месец
I want to dax design
Layla Rodriguez
Layla Rodriguez преди месец
ZHC I need your help my laptop broke I don’t I is how and j need a new one can you plz get me a new one I swear it happens
Ariane M
Ariane M преди месец
I didn't win this time but I'll keep trying, also I just love your content so I won't stop watching your vids anyway!!!!💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚💙💚
CZ - 02CM - Credit Valley PS (1653)
i have 2 ps4's
Jr Angle
Jr Angle преди 11 часа
My Instagram is juniorangel44 tell me if I win thx
Jr Angle
Jr Angle преди 11 часа
Can I get a iPad for my mom its her birthday hop I win thx zhc for customize thing
Yaritza Garcia
Yaritza Garcia преди 11 часа
AAM 218
AAM 218 преди 11 часа
I dare you to give me 1000 shoelaces
Pih 27
Pih 27 преди 12 часа
O cara tem a loja inteira da apple em casa kk
lxo_974 преди 12 часа
hello my name is leo and i would like a swish nintendi to personalize please. I like your personal video I like everything you do. like for him to see it
Kevinna Underwood
Kevinna Underwood преди 12 часа
I want a iPhone 11
PRO LIONS преди 12 часа
What should i do im so far from you
Bunny Girl
Bunny Girl преди 12 часа
How do I get it
Garrett Muench
Garrett Muench преди 13 часа
This kinda thing never gets old
DAADY BABYBOI преди 13 часа
I subscribed now can u go me?
Angela Biasiny
Angela Biasiny преди 13 часа
Mathilde Guittet
Mathilde Guittet преди 13 часа
:0 this is my favorite thing to watch :3 but ya about a trillion people that watch ZHC never win giveaways >:
pÉteR преди 13 часа
"Ipad Pro" "Romania" I have no money to buy it.... 😅
Yelin Hong
Yelin Hong преди 13 часа
ZHC: he has so money I’m jealous Also ZHC: has a whole store of the most expensive things
Izzie Lizzie
Izzie Lizzie преди 15 часа
CUTE ALAYA преди 15 часа
Please I need I pad Im pooor :(
Justin Bostic
Justin Bostic преди 15 часа
Zach I need a phone
Martin Morales
Martin Morales преди 15 часа
I want a PS4 bc I have been work hard but have like $90 dollars and my dad dose not want to buy me a PS4
Bapu Tawade
Bapu Tawade преди 16 часа
It is fayar or fayur??
Itachi преди 17 часа
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="416">6:56</a> dont you have AirPods? You're giving away so many of em but you still dont own a pair of AirPods?😂😂
PK Cheh
PK Cheh преди 18 часа
I wanted one plz I’m at Melaka
Estrella P
Estrella P преди 18 часа
I never got one from you please give me one🙏
Ghia Bramble
Ghia Bramble преди 18 часа
Holy cow you guys are amazing at art
Amby Barnes
Amby Barnes преди 18 часа
I wont The phone
Las 3Chimichangas
Las 3Chimichangas преди 18 часа
Your amazing😊
KINGDOM Gaming преди 18 часа
Can I have one please I'm subscribed
SMITH GAMING преди 19 часа
Im from phillipines❤ i have 1 question? Even in other country you will give her or him an phone? Or something
SMITH GAMING преди 19 часа
Its so amazing when you do asmr LOL😂
WYLD POPPY преди 20 часа
I love your video
Sirma Stavreska
Sirma Stavreska преди 20 часа
I.won the. I phot
Poppy’s Adventures
Poppy’s Adventures преди 21 час
Amazing designs.
Savannah Davila
Savannah Davila преди 21 час
yurii onii
yurii onii преди 21 час
I'm so jealous of the talent 😓
Rose-Elise Bogaert
Rose-Elise Bogaert преди 21 час
Canon ik get a Phone organisatie andere Nintendo switch woensdag in subsidiebedrag and ik like de thuis video please
Merel Hebels
Merel Hebels преди 22 часа
I bever win
The K Life
The K Life преди 22 часа
It would mean the world to me if I got one of those but I live in Australia ☹️
DJ Grodan
DJ Grodan преди 22 часа
Plz give me one of that things ps i love your videos
Mary,Kate and Yssa
Mary,Kate and Yssa преди ден
I will subscribe you please give me a airpods please in Philippines
Juan Atillo
Juan Atillo преди ден
Wish that i have a iphone 11 too that was my dream!!☹
Andres Morillo
Andres Morillo преди ден
Can I please have a shout-out I love you guys you guys are the best
Suela und Leon King
Suela und Leon King преди ден
I Love you Zhc
Jillisa Kim
Jillisa Kim преди ден
I really need a exbox but don't give me one
frazix 1234
frazix 1234 преди ден
Can I pleas get a Nintendo plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Mariano Bonilla
Mariano Bonilla преди ден
My friend wants a p.s. 4 but he can't get one because his mom or dad can't bye one
•S u n F l o w e r•
•S u n F l o w e r• преди ден
Please make your gf change her hair color!!!! Ourfire had it first. Stop stealing their looks.
Mariano Bonilla
Mariano Bonilla преди ден
And i never had a iPhone and i never had a phone the one that i have right now is my dads
Mariano Bonilla
Mariano Bonilla преди ден
I need air pods because my brothers bolly broke his air pads and he can't bye new one because they a so expensive
Azra Kilicarslan
Azra Kilicarslan преди ден
Where did you find the money? ... Turkey: GIVE ME MY MONEYYYY
master instinct 9364
master instinct 9364 преди ден
I did everthing i love ur vids keep it up god bless yoi
Royal Gamer
Royal Gamer преди ден
I want iPad Pro in give away,please
Crystal Bejarano
Crystal Bejarano преди ден
I subsrcibe and i follow you on intrgrown
Crystal Bejarano
Crystal Bejarano преди ден
Please ok
Crystal Bejarano
Crystal Bejarano преди ден
I want the ipad
Hazel Tejeda
Hazel Tejeda преди ден
ok thx i'm subscribed
Давид Юн
Давид Юн преди ден
give me this plzzzz
crodez преди ден
I honestly just wish I had a iPhone 11... dream gift!
ambiunicorn the one
ambiunicorn the one преди ден
Please can I have the I phone that's is the most best thing I have ever had. I am going to cry if you gave that to me. I love you art thou!!!
Shawnna Costello
Shawnna Costello преди ден
Princess Natalie
Princess Natalie преди ден
plz can I have a giveaway
Ravinder negi
Ravinder negi преди ден
How can we get give away
Adriana Alvarado
Adriana Alvarado преди ден
i phone two i phones please
Adriana Alvarado
Adriana Alvarado преди ден
please can i have one put donuts on it plz
Adriana Alvarado
Adriana Alvarado преди ден
i need a i phone mine broke i need it pleaseeeeeeeeeeee
Seth Zacker
Seth Zacker преди ден
Animal Crossing is really fun
Teddy _x
Teddy _x преди ден
I’m never gonna win a giveaway only because I don’t have Instagram
Caleb Tschaar
Caleb Tschaar преди ден
i want to be in a video like this with you but i am not that lucky
caleb pizza
caleb pizza преди ден
I want to do that because l luv drawing
Mahou Melon
Mahou Melon преди ден
It would be amazing to win a Switch! I already have one but I wanna win one for my best friend. We are separated because of the virus. We use to play Animal Crossing New Leaf all the time together ❤️
Eli Eli
Eli Eli преди ден
An ipad pro is good for my dream online business and I live in Canada
Ali Alizadah
Ali Alizadah преди ден
ZHC I subed to you I wish I got some thing from love your videos ceep the great work up❤️
Zhc fan I love zhc
Zhc fan I love zhc преди ден
It’s okay if you give me a colour one but please I need an iPhone and iPhad11 and iPhone11 pleas
Zhc fan I love zhc
Zhc fan I love zhc преди ден
Or can I have a iPhone 11
Zhc fan I love zhc
Zhc fan I love zhc преди ден
And also I subscribed you I swear
Zhc fan I love zhc
Zhc fan I love zhc преди ден
But give me one don’t colour it pleas
Zhc fan I love zhc
Zhc fan I love zhc преди ден
Please give me iPad I don’t have an iphad11 pro pleas
Lurdes Sanchez
Lurdes Sanchez преди ден
Wish I had the iPhone 11 Pro and the airport’s 🥺🥺
ayesha shaii
ayesha shaii преди ден
Michael is a little bit baby
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