Gorillaz - Aries ft. Peter Hook & Georgia (Episode Three) 

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Gorillaz present Song Machine | Season One
Episode Three: Aries ft. Peter Hook & Georgia
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Director: Jamie Hewlett
Co-Director: Tim McCourt
Producer: Eva Dahlqvist
Animators: Venla Linna, Setareh Seto
Clean Up Artists: Setareh Seto, Venla Linna, Eleonora Quario
Compositors: Freddie Lewis-Wall, Courtney Pryce
Camera and Light support: Dan Booth & Ecstasy of Gold
Runner: Laurence Moss

Production Company: The Line

Gorillaz are managed by Eleven Management

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9.04.2020 г.




Зарежда връзки.....

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Eduardo Cortes
Eduardo Cortes преди 22 минути
Eduardo Cortes
Eduardo Cortes преди 23 минути
「Grey Wire」
「Grey Wire」 преди 3 часа
2D being a happy boi (because of his white eyes) makes me happy ^_^
Mutale Katyoka
Mutale Katyoka преди 3 часа
If you turn inverted colours on everything but the gorillaz goes back to normal.
NEKO𒍦猫 nightcore
NEKO𒍦猫 nightcore преди 3 часа
this is Morocco baby
zombieliukang 27
zombieliukang 27 преди 3 часа
Bring back fun remixes
Conor Osterman
Conor Osterman преди 4 часа
Anybody else really anticipating their release hopefully today
Socela McArt
Socela McArt преди 5 часа
Noodle: let me see what you have Murdoc: *A NEEDLE* Noodle: *N O*
Brandi Barnes
Brandi Barnes преди 5 часа
shorturl.ca/lovesexx30sparty ලූක් කැමති නැහැ ගැහැණු ළමයි පළමු
TEMphrog преди 6 часа
Chris Grady
Chris Grady преди 6 часа
If anyone is wondering if the background inverted. Try turning on color inversion on your phone or other device.
A perro yo soy aries y esta de pana la músic
Nicki Sixx191
Nicki Sixx191 преди 8 часа
This is best birthday present i love this song today will be the greatest 🎂 birthday thanks to these guys 😋😍
rox lo
rox lo преди 11 часа
Gorillaz in fortnite. :(
Primalee Bigornia
Primalee Bigornia преди 11 часа
I'll forever bring the regret that I haven't been with Gorillaz since the day they started. I came for their song literally weeks ago and it's a shame for me to not know them sooner. If ever this is the last phase of the band, I'll cry.
Marina Assoni Santana
Marina Assoni Santana преди 13 часа
Amo. Vocês. Love
ZeroCraft! преди 13 часа
This is an Itachi Genjutsu ?, Good video !
Destiny Uchiha
Destiny Uchiha преди 14 часа
I'm in love
Spritemon 98
Spritemon 98 преди 15 часа
I cant wait for the next episode
UwUnus AnnUwUs
UwUnus AnnUwUs преди 17 часа
First it’s the geep, but now we drivin the Fonda.
jester s
jester s преди 18 часа
Everytime I see murdocs eyebrows I have to do a double take it doesnt look right lmao
jester s
jester s преди 18 часа
Also not surprised at murdocs actions, he has problems that run deeper than hell itself. Still love the green asshole tho
Rubio Gabriel
Rubio Gabriel преди 20 часа
holy jesus so strong my freind omfgd elts go
Yeet Haw
Yeet Haw преди 21 час
They're music is so different now
LearnWithGern преди ден
I just have one question about 2-D, where are his organs!? Like...No really where did they go?
Iron Tarkus
Iron Tarkus преди ден
I'm getting some new order vibes, oh wait
Agusrada 123
Agusrada 123 преди ден
Bruh Moment
Bruh Moment преди ден
Russel straight vibin and choking murdoc
Eric-Lucas Sieg
Eric-Lucas Sieg преди ден
Like OMD
А преди ден
that moment when you were the smallest in the band and now your legs don't fit in the car))
Spritemon 98
Spritemon 98 преди 15 часа
Ginareth Cárdenas
Ginareth Cárdenas преди ден
Los amaré siempre !!!
Alex Gamer 97
Alex Gamer 97 преди ден
Mejoren a sus personajes mi hermano se asusta 😔✌
Antonios Platsas
Antonios Platsas преди ден
NEW ORDER ft. Damon Albarn....
Randalle Flagg
Randalle Flagg преди ден
whats that part between <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="262">4:22</a> and <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="273">4:33</a>? is it another song that I don't know yet?
Lily Greene
Lily Greene преди ден
2doc has entered the chat
Powder_ Days
Powder_ Days преди ден
So chill
Powder_ Days
Powder_ Days преди ден
[OST] Hyrule
[OST] Hyrule преди ден
Lets say that they were: Murdoc:20 Russel:19 2D:17 Noodle:10 In the phase 1. Shit, they are : Murdoc:42 Russel:41 2D:39 Noodle:32 They are frickin old, if they get old as our world.
[OST] Hyrule
[OST] Hyrule преди ден
When Murdoc goes to Green Highlighter from pickle
HOW TO SIMPLE преди ден
Who here think noodle and 2d should be together?
sasa stankovic
sasa stankovic преди ден
where is murdocs cross?????????
Chloe Cuillier
Chloe Cuillier преди ден
Like this because I’m Asian
Oliver Michael
Oliver Michael преди ден
I fell that this song perfectly describes the situation of many people. They are constantly searching for someone who enjoys them, and yet once they find them, they feel far away. Eventually they realize they are content with themselves and can live alone. But eventually they fall into the loneliness and begin their search again. In a constant loop, falling deeper and deeper into the realization that not everyone has that perfect someone.
Arcademan09 преди ден
That's Murdock? I thought that was still Ace because of his eyes Edit: <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="245">4:05</a> nevermind
Melii преди ден
People: Regrets feeling bad for Murdoc Me: dying of laughter because *sTaY cHuNeD*
Wumbo 225
Wumbo 225 преди ден
New Order's epic
Frank The Tank
Frank The Tank преди ден
Sounds like new order
leonel valdes
leonel valdes преди 2 дни
Genial !!!!!
JASMINE SHERPA преди 2 дни
Apparently Noodle is my friend on Roblox. Idk if I believe it or not 🤨
Alexei Verdin
Alexei Verdin преди 2 дни
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="128">2:08</a> is the best part of the song
Michael the card collector
Michael the card collector преди 2 дни
Murdoc wasnt on hardcore
Sans преди 2 дни
Thats not the merdoc i know
dath clock
dath clock преди 2 дни
Anyone else ship 2-D and noodle for some reason?
not_enough_room_ преди 2 дни
bro no, thats wierd
Silver преди 2 дни
Thats gross
Big_b_brain Meme lord
Big_b_brain Meme lord преди 2 дни
Tell me why my sisters cat is moving his tail to the beat of this song
Martin Raymundo
Martin Raymundo преди 2 дни
Hablando a tu corazón ! De Charly Versión 2020
versh преди 2 дни
Esta canciom,me hace sentir que no debo ser arrogante
Ssor Bellingham
Ssor Bellingham преди 2 дни
Damn, sweet Fonda CL 200, always wanted one of those
Evan Butler
Evan Butler преди 2 дни
This is borong as shit
Isaias Roberto Alves
Isaias Roberto Alves преди 2 дни
Is too much New Order!
Amer Abo Elkheir
Amer Abo Elkheir преди 2 дни
Comparing to old songs This album is a trash
Amine Nasri
Amine Nasri преди 2 дни
Morocco 🇲🇦🙏🏻
Kyle Christensen
Kyle Christensen преди 2 дни
Did any one else turn on inverted colors
Jackerballz преди 2 дни
Ok does anyone else hear "eyes up eyes up eyes up" instead of "high tide high tide high tide" during the chorus?
Chapstick 912
Chapstick 912 преди 2 дни
At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="228">3:48</a> you can see noodle calling out to 2D
ferrets and me
ferrets and me преди 2 дни
Raven Skylar Moore
Raven Skylar Moore преди 2 дни
Joy Gorillaz/ Gorillaz Order
Hachapuri Borovsky
Hachapuri Borovsky преди 3 дни
Сонг машина
tremain the train
tremain the train преди 3 дни
underratd song
The Boisterous Assassin
The Boisterous Assassin преди 3 дни
Coolest bassline I've heard since I can remember
Nathaniel Guillory
Nathaniel Guillory преди 3 дни
who else put their computer in high contrast mode
Ульяна Ли
Ульяна Ли преди 3 дни
У Мурдока такой классный шлем
Martha Isela Martinez
Martha Isela Martinez преди 3 дни
:D преди 3 дни
what is the best song for kills zombies ? :)
Martin Lascano
Martin Lascano преди 3 дни
The bass line is so classic New Order that it feels almost sampled or recycled. I mean that in a great way because it just takes me back to the first time I heard “Age of Consent” or the bass solo on “Bizarre Love Triangle” ... Right in the feelies.
Alina gamer
Alina gamer преди 3 дни
All: Theories, Anxiety Murdoc and Russel on Twitter: did something bad happen ???)))
Harold. преди 3 дни
Who else saw Gorillaz on Jimmy Kimmel?
Zarilo Yumin Kainil
Zarilo Yumin Kainil преди 3 дни
_Esta canción es malisima, y el que diga lo contrario tiene toda la razón_
Dying Xeinne
Dying Xeinne преди 3 дни
<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="225">3:45</a> what is Noodle's mount doing? XD
беседа преди 3 дни
Its too good for me
Trail Horn
Trail Horn преди 3 дни
2d really has those maxmoefoe vibes
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